July 23 , 2006
  "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
Thomas A. Edison

Dear friend,

I hope this newsletter finds you well.

As Thomas Edison implied, illness is NOT due to a deficiency in medication. You might find that idea food for thought. Please share it with your friends and family.

I enjoy hearing from you. Write to me with your comments and questions. I make every attempt to answer your e-mails as soon as my busy schedule allows. At times this may take a few days. Please understand and be patient.

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Quotes for your life:

"Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."
Dr. Dale Turner

"A man is not old until regrets start taking place of dreams."

"The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm."

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."
Ben Williams

"You have to stop in order to change direction."
Erich Fromm

I get letters

My husband and I have been on the candida/hypoglycemia program for 7 days and we are both absolutely amazed at the difference we feel already and in such a short time.

When I wake up in the morning, I am now feeling rested and ready for the day. No longer do we get the “afternoon sleepies” and are sleeping much better at night. Increased energy levels are amazing.

I have not had the body aches and the lethargy/depression seem to have abated. Added benefit is we have both lost around 4 lbs in a week. We have been sticking to the diet pretty rigorously.

We did have one blip, which really brought home how bad refined sugar is. We went to a wedding Sunday and did well with the food, but broke down and had a piece of cake. We both had horrendous headaches the rest of the day into the evening and felt terrible. Lesson learned!

When I started the program, I figured a lot of the claims were hype, but if it worked half as well as claimed, I would be happy. Well, it works absolutely as well as stated on your website Client Letters and we are now true converts.
Deb C, Glendora, California

Sugar Consumption and Cancer

Cancer Cell June 2006, Vol. 9, No. 6: 425-434 (Abstract of recent Harvard Study)

Science Daily June 30, 2006 - Commentary on the recent Harvard study

All cells require energy for their functioning and survival. A healthy human cell requires oxygen and glucose/sugar to make energy. When tumor cells grow, they tend to become crowded and can lose access to oxygen carried by red blood cells in the blood vessels.

The Warburg Effect

In the 20's Otto Warburg, a German physician was awarded a Nobel Prize for first uncovering cancer cells' massive dependence on sugar as a fuel source. He discovered further that some cancer cells developed the ability to switch over to an ancient, oxygen-free route, the glycolytic pathway. What is remarkable, they continue to use this pathway even when access to oxygen is restored. Though this so-called Warburg Effect has since been confirmed, the role played by glycolysis in cancer has been largely ignored. Few have attempted to attack specific points along the glycolytic pathway to gain a therapeutic effect.

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School discovered that blocking one of the glycolytic pathway's enzymes, LDH-A, may be an effective anti-cancer therapy.

The researchers found a way to block LDH-A and thus to shut down glycolysis in breast cancer cells. They implanted these cells in mice. Among the LDH-A deficient mice, only two died, one at 16 weeks and the other at 18 weeks, and 80 percent were still living at the end of the four-month study.

In contrast, the control mice, which had tumor cells with a working glycolytic pathway, died at 10 weeks or before.

The researchers concluded that blocking LDH-A in the glycolytic pathway could be an effective way to fight cancer. 

Dr. Z's Comments

Cancer is now the number one killer in the United States; it surpassed heart disease last year. Could that be related to the other societal health disasters that we find ourselves in?

  • Two thirds of Americans are overweight
  • Over 70 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes

High insulin levels are usually present and may be major contributing factors in both heath problems.

What is Insulin?

The prevailing societal addiction to high carbohydrate foods has created a new and modern plague. Here is why:

  • After a meal high in carbohydrates - within in minutes your blood sugar/glucose rises.
  • In response, your pancreas releases insulin -- produced by beta cells.

Insulin removes sugar/glucose from the blood into the cells so the cells can make energy. Excess glucose not needed for cell energy is stored as glycogen and fat.

Continuous high carb consumption leads to chronically elevated insulin responses with the following devastating consequences:

  1. Periods of hypoglycemia/low blood sugar which in turn leads to renewed sugar/carbohydrate cravings and depressed cell function. This is most devastating for our brain and nervous system which affects ALL aspects of our human expression.
  2. Increased storage of excess carbohydrates as fat and the ever increasing level of obesity in our society.
  3. Chronic overstimulation and ultimate failure of the pancreas which results in diabetes and its absolutely devastating effects.

The consumption of too many carbs too often leads to many other chronic health problems: hypertension, high levels of cholesterol and other lipids, heart disease, kidney disease, female infertility and degenerative changes in brain and nervous system.

  • Avoid all sugars, and preferably all grains for the rest of your days.


How to Begin

Always start with your SELF

  • Your lack of health is NOT due to medication deficiency
  • Always start with the basics
  • What do you eat and drink and snack?
  • How is your digestion?
  • What is your history with antibiotics?
  • Best still... Complete Dr. Z's Self Evaluation

The Solution

  • The Solution: Change what you eat/drink
  • The solution: how you digest what you eat/drink
  • The solution: your insight and intelligence
  • The solution: your compassion with your self
  • The solution: your willingness to make changes

The solution: you take full responsibility

Your First Step towards a Healthier Life

Nothing can replace a face to face evaluation.

  • If you happen to live relatively close to our office, I strongly suggest that you call call 530-265-0224 and make an appointment with my lovely wife Victoria.
  • We are located in Nevada City, California. This is approximately 1.5 hours by car from Sacramento, California towards Reno/Lake Tahoe in the beautiful foothillls of the Sierra Nevada.

If you cannot come personally - - - -

Our on-line Self Evaluation is geared towards giving you a basic starting point in order to make some intelligent changes in diet and improve some basic human functions such as digestion, blood sugar control.

If you have ever taken antibiotics, yesterday or 30 years ago - the chances are high that you may suffer the consequences of bowel flora imbalance and candida overgrowth.

  • It is my clinical experience that this approach is always useful.
  • This does not mean that it will or can solve all your problems.

However, the majority of my local and on-line clients experience dramatic improvements in their health, when they address
DDHC - Diet, Digestion, Hypoglycemia/Blood Sugar, Candida

Dr. Z's Self Evaluation

Clinically useful Homeopathics/Supplements


Co-Q 100 is a very potent form of Coenzyme Q10 - a vital part of normal cell function. Present in the mitochondria (power houses of every cell), coenzyme Q10 is an essential factor in ATP (cell energy) production.

The need for CoQ10 appears to be greatest in metabolically-active cells such as in the

  • heart
  • gingiva - gums
  • immune system
  • gastric mucosa.

CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant, and appears to recycle Vitamin E... Read more



Memoractiv - helps protect your memory and mental clarity

Memory and mental clarity should be cherished and deserve to be protected. As we age our brain function tends to decline.

Phosphatidylserine, one ingredient in Memoractiv, is probably the most researched brain nutrient. Clinical studies have shown that brain aging has been reversed in some cases by up to 12 years ...Read more



Rhodiola Rosea, a native plant of Russia, is an effective adaptogenic botanical. In animal and human studies, Rhodiola has shown a beneficial effect by

  • increasing the ability to withstand physical and emotional stressors
  • promoting an increase in intellectual activity

Rhodiola appears to

  • normalize serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine level
  • exert a mood-enhancing effect
  • improve sleep
    increase energy ...Read more

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