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Hearing Loss Help
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Information on Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

The low level laser therapy of inner ear dysfunction has been made use of in Germany since the end of the eighties (for example by Dr. Uwe Witt, Hamburg and Dr. Lutz Wilden in Bad Fuessing) and is also to be found in quite a few other countries (Italy, France, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, Russia etc.).

As the observation of healing processes has shown in the course of the years, even serious impairments such as the most excruciating cases of tinnitus, hearing loss, hyperacusis, vertigo and Meniere's Disease can be considerably alleviated and even healed with the aid of modern Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).


How does LLLT work?

For a detailed discussion, see Dr. Lutz Wilden' article: Import of Radiation Phenomena of Electrons and Therapeutic Low-Level Laser in Regard to the Mitochondrial Energy Transfer, Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine & Surgery, Volume 16, Number 3, 1998, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Pp.159-165

Each cell contains a number of power plants, called mitochondria. The function of these power plants is to produce ATP, the form of energy which can be used by the cell to function properly.

The inner mitochondrial membrane is a large collector surface folded onto a small total volume. All nutritive molecules (fats, proteins and glucose) are oxidized within the cell to the last molecular nutritive component, that is, pyruvate. The pyruvate is then imported into the cellular power plant, where it disintegrates into carbon dioxide and water in the immediate proximity of the collector surface of the mitochondrion. The molecular bond energy thus released, which corresponds with visible, ultraviolet and infrared light as far as its wavelength and frequency is concerned, is utilized by the mitochondrion to produce the cellular fuel ATP.

The collector surface of our cellular power plant is enlarged by the mushroom-shaped protrusions of the inner mitochondrial membrane. The molecular bond energy of the pyruvate is released in the form of light energy. The antennae pigments are capable of absorbing this light energy and transmit it to our cellular power plant, which can now produce the cellular fuel ATP. The natural solar radiation also stimulates the antennae pigments of the mitochondrion to produce ATP.

Low level laser light is compressed light from the red and infrared spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation. It reaches the cellular power plants of low-lying cells as well and is absorbed by their collector surfaces as an additional source of energy. The cellular power plants can thus produce more ATP. The cellular energy is the fuel the inner ear cells strives after and needs. A sufficiently high supply of cellular energy enables our inner ear cell to work under optimum conditions and is the essential prerequisite to ensure a successful self-healing process.

Low level laser light increases the energy output in our cellular power plant.


Dr. Z's clinical protocol

  1. Healing takes time. We recommend an initial set of 10 appointments (daily if at all possible).
  2. The function of the inner ear is intimately intertwined with the structural and muscular integrity of the upper neck and the TMJ. Chiropractic adjustments and/or triggerpoint therapy are administered as needed.
  3. To spare the patient a sensation of dizziness, both inner ears receive daily (if possible) treatments (the distribution of low level laser light being adjusted to the individual extent of the impairment).
  4. Nutritional support such as Gingko Biloba may be recommended to enhance local microcirculation and optimize healing response.

The low level laser light is applied by means of a high-quality laser light source via the auditory canal and/or the mastoid and/or petrosal bone. The laser emits 830 nm (480 mW) and 630 nm (20 mW) simultaneously. The low level laser light is distributed extensively to transfuse the whole surroundings of the organ with photon energy and thus ensure the best possible bio-stimulative effect. This is the prerequisite for an enduring positive long-term effect of the low level laser therapy.

The duration of the laser therapy is 60 minutes (30 minutes per ear). The therapy is carried out in a comfortable, lying position. The correct positioning of the light source is repeatedly ascertained with the help of Applied Kinesiology (AK). The therapy is continuously supervised.

After the conclusion of the ten-day outpatient therapy Dr. Z stays in close contact with the patient to evaluate progress and the need for further treatments.

Low Level Laser Therapy is absolutely painless and contains no risk at all (e.g. risk of infection).

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