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From Pain to "No Pain in Minutes" - Published Results

The Trouble with Chronic Pain - YES there is Hope

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Why use PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique

PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique is an powerful, breakthrough technique for the treatment of chronic and acute pain. It was developed in the US by Dr. Steven Kaufman of Denver, who is both chiropractor and acupuncturist.

PNT uses neurological reflexes to treat painful trigger points and dramatically reduce pain. Dr Kaufman has had so much success in dramatically reducing pain with this technique, that he has a large following of medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physiotherapists, all using his techniques.

There is absolutely

  • no drugs
  • no injections
  • no instruments
  • no cracking
  • no twisting
  • no joint manipulation

From Pain to "No Pain" in Minutes - Published Results

Dr Jonathan Wright, M.D., a Harvard graduate, and author of 14 nutritional classics, selling over 1.5 million copies, is one of the leading medical doctors in the alternative medicine field. Recently with all of the excitement around Kaufman’s PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique he sent one of his Physicians, a surgeon called Dr Gaston to learn this PNT Technique. Here is a summary of the results that the medical doctor observed using PNT that was published in June 2013 Nutrition & Healing Journal Vol.20 Issue 3.

Beginning of quotes:

“When Dr. Gaston came back from Dr. Kaufman’s seminar, he decided to keep very careful track of the first forty chronic pain patients he used the technique on at the Tahoma Clinic, so that he’d be able to answer questions about what range of responses might be expected from the application of PNT. Before and immediately after treatment, everyone was asked to score their chronic pain on a scale of one to ten, with “one” being a very mild pain, and “ten” being the worst pain imaginable. 100 percent of those treated experienced some pain relief. “Eight of the first group of forty (20 percent) had complete elimination of their pain with one treatment. Another eight (20 percent) had at least a five point reduction in their perceived pain score. “After their first treatment, sixteen individuals (40 percent) with “before treatment” pain scores of five or higher reported pain scores of zero or one.

Those who had partial relief with just one treatment returned for more, hoping for further pain relief, and haven’t been disappointed. When this was written, the “complete relief” with several treatments score was up to 23 of 40 (57.5 percent), and the others were improving with further treatment, but not yet totally pain-free.”

End of quotes

Almost 60% of the 40 patients with chronic pain got complete relief from several PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique treatments. Many of the remaining patients also had significant improvement, though not yet complete.


The Trouble with Chronic Pain - YES there is HOPE

It is estimated that more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain can be mild or excruciating, episodic or continuous, merely inconvenient or totally incapacitating.

With chronic pain, signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for months or even years. There seems to be no solution. This can the devastating for a person, both physically and emotionally.

Here's another quote from Dr. Jonathan Wright:

“While very little in medicine and health care works 100% of the time, PNT is so effective at eliminating or substantially reducing chronic pain that it does seem hard to believe. However, the proof is in the performance and I’ve personally talked to a dozen or more MDs and DOs who’ve had their chronic pain relieved.”


How PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique works

PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique is based on neurological reflexes that can be stimulated with gentle fingertip pressure. One such neurological reflex is the GTO - Golgi Tendon Organ Reflex - also known as Inverse Myotatic Reflex. This reflex helps to protect your muscles from injury. The technique intentionally triggers this reflex in the muscle where a painful trigger point is present. When stimulated it causes a reflex action and the tight band of muscle fibers immediately relaxes and loses its tenderness when pressed.


What are Trigger Points

Trigger points are tight bands and/or contraction knots found within the muscles of your body. Trigger points tend to be very sensitive and painful when pressed. Trigger points cause or contribute to many painful conditions such as:

  • headaches and migraines
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • arm, wrist and hand pain
  • tennis elbow
  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • knee pain
  • TMJ - Temporo-Mandibular Joint problems
  • Iliotibial Sydrome
  • post-surgical and non-pathological abdominal pain
  • neck and low back disc syndrome
  • and more....

For example patients suffering from Migranes often have trigger points in upper trapezius muscle, those with Sciatica often have trigger points in the Piriformis muscle and those with low back pain often have trigger points in the quadratus lumborum muscle and/or the psoas muscles.


Will PNT hurt me?

PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique is very different from other methods of trigger point therapy as it does not use mechanical force for treatment. Most trigger point treatments (eg. Myofascial Release, Ischemic compression and strain counterstrain) use considerable force to treat the trigger point which can often cause a great deal of discomfort and pain.

PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique uses gentle tissue manipulation to switch off pain. PNT uses specific stimulation, accurate positioning and light finger pressure to activate the Golgi Tendon Organ Reflex (GTO) which allows the muscles to relax. This in turn relieves tenderness of the trigger point and improves the range of motion.

The often nearly instantaneous relief is truly astounding.

*** Does PNT always work? Of course not. Nothing does.


Dr. Z's PNT Story

More than three years ago I fell in our garage and hit my right knee very hard on the very hard concrete floor.

As you can imagine, my right knee was quite swollen and very painful. For the next three months I could hardly walk - going up and down stairs was extremely difficult.

The only temporary relief came from daily use of a recumbent bike. I used the recumbent bike for maybe a year and a half, daily without fail. I used laser therapy, received Rolfing treatments. The pain persisted. The knee would not bend properly.

Last fall, in my despair, I finally decided to seek out the help of an orthopedic surgeon. I wanted to find out if there was something wrong with the knee joint itself. I told him that I was concerned with possible damage to the joint surfaces and/or to the ligaments inside and around the knee joint.

The orthopedic surgeon performed very brief two-minute physical exam to "rule out" ligament damage. After x-rays were taken he called me into his office and announced that he had found my problem.

  • He suggested that I had an old knee and needed a new one. (There was a slight narrowing of the knee joint space on the medial side, no other obvious damage visible)
  • He further recommended that given my advanced age (68 at that time) it would be best not to wait too long with a knee replacement.

I told him thank you, but no thank you. This was not a route I was going to embark on.

Sometime around Christmas I received an email from Dr. Kaufman in Denver inviting me to purchase his DVD training course for PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique, with a 60 day money back guarantee. What did I have to lose!? I ordered it immediately, especially after reading the many testimonials from MDs, chiropractors, acupuncturist.

Eagerly I started to study Dr. Kaufman's PNT DVDs. Without having fully digested the material, I started using the simple PNT principles on my right knee.

I kid you not: within two days most of my knee pain of three years duration was gone - and my knee would bend again, nearly normal. It has been more than 8 months now.

I walk 2.5 miles daily with our 2 Golden Retrievers Chance and Heidi. Climbing or descending stairs poses no problems. On rare occasions my knee starts to hurt again. I spend a few minutes applying the PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique to release a couple of trigger points. It's that simple!

I've used PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique successfully on family members, friends, neighbors and a few patients.

PNT works - simply and beautifully.


PNT Success Stories

Alan's PNT Success Letter (bolds added by Dr. Z)

My name is Alan Horvath, 69 years young. I am delighted to tell you that Dr. Z. has eliminated my chronic shoulder pain with PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique. The results have been simply wonderful.

My left shoulder had been getting increasingly more painful and less flexible for several years. I spend a good part of my time clearing brush which involves work with a chain saw and then leveraging ten foot limbs into a chipper. Over time, I have found myself being more and more protective of my shoulder. All my friends who have had the "mandatory" rotator cuff surgery assured me that I too was in need of that solution.

My orthopedic surgeon took X-rays and found that I had a bone spur in my shoulder. He then scheduled me for an MRI. Fortunately, while waiting for that procedure to be scheduled, I saw Dr. Z.

Dr. Z. was able to relieve my shoulder pain in just two sessions of PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique. Each treatment took only a few minutes. Dr. Z applied light finger pressure on deep muscle tissue to release trigger points and allow my muscles to work with a fuller range of motion.

When I went back to my orthopedic surgeon, I was happy to report that my shoulder pain had been resolved by Dr. Z in a very short time. My orthopedic surgeon told me that he had once learned the PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique used by Dr. Z. but he had failed to keep it up due to the book keeping problems it caused in keeping separate records for Medicare reimbursable procedures and non-Medicare procedures. My orthopedic surgeon was fully supportive of the approach used by Dr. Z. for treatment under my circumstances.

I understand from Dr. Z. that I may need periodic check-ups to keep my muscles working properly. But PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique is such a quick and non-invasive procedure - I would much prefer periodic PNT treatments to surgery.

Surgery typically requires many weeks of recovery - AND there is no guarantee of success.

I heartily recommend Dr. Z. He will help with your chronic pain.

Alan Horvath, California

Dan's 1 Year Shoulder Trouble - Great Relief with PNT

I'll be 70 years old in December. I was a heavy equipment mechanic all my life and I farmed all that time myself. I'm still farming, running equipment, moving hay, building fences… everything involved with farming.

Over a year ago I started having trouble with my left shoulder. I was having severe pain and I could not lift my left arm above horizontal. I could not hold anything in that position. I pretty much abandoned my left side for doing anything hard.

The worst of it: I've not been able to swing a golf club for more than a year. I could not move my left arm the way I needed to move it. That was terrible because that's the only fun thing I get to do.

This late spring or early summer I went in to see a couple of doctors. I got an x-ray on it and an MRI. They could not find anything that was out of place, couldn't find any reason for my problems. I was told that I would have to live with it. All they could do is prescribe Advil or anti-inflammatories. That took some of the edge off, but didn't cure the problem. I stopped taking the medications… I'm not a pill taker. If it doesn't work during the first three or four days I'm done.

I ran into Dr. Z during political forums while his wife was running for political office. After I got to know him a little bit I told him about my shoulder trouble. He said to me: "I might be able to help you".

After the elections were over he called me one day and told me: "Get in here and let me try this". I did and it was truly amazing. Dr. Z first tested my muscle tone in both shoulders. I couldn't hold any resistance at all in my left shoulder. I'm one of the biggest skeptics in the entire universe. I couldn't understand why it did what it did. I was in total amazement.

Nobody had ever checked muscle tone on me before. Then the most amazing thing happened: Dr. Z asked me what I had in my left pant pocket. When I took out my pocket knife my muscle tone returned back to normal nearly immediately. I'm still in shock. He told me that I am probably allergic to nickel. Stainless steel is 50% nickel. I'm not so skeptical that I don't agree that there's something to it.

Dr. Z asked me not to keep the pocketknife in my pocket - otherwise my left shoulder might not heal properly. Then he had me lie on my stomach. He found some extremely painful spots around my left shoulder blade, he calls them trigger points. He made these triggerpoint much less tender with PNT - Pain Neutralization Technique.

Amazingly, a few minutes later I could lift my left arm clear up over my head.


Left shoulder pre PNT treatment


<- Before PNT


After PNT ->


Left shoulder post PNT treatment  

80 to 90% of my shoulder pain is gone. The shoulder muscle is still a little bit sore, but it's nothing like it was before.

I highly recommend this PNT treatment to anybody with pain. I have been telling several people about this during the last few days. I told them that I don't pretend to try to explain it…but this is what happened with me. I am very pleased with the results.

Dan E., Sagle, North Idaho


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